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10D's "Exam-Away": sugar free, natural flavors, now with 30% less stress
crayfish | worm | Grasshopper | Starfish | Clam

Hey Everyone,

  Welcome to the 10D exam prep. site! This is just a little site to host all of our exam notes, thus far, just for Biology. But if people like the idea, we could expand it and put everything for other subjects on here as well. Just click on the link to the left to see the info on said organisms. If the page doesn't show up, it's because i havn't been given the notes yet. And I'll be harrassing you all till I get them.
Enjoy, and happy studying!

I still need reports from the following groups in RED...
Kayan, Anna > WORM
Lex,  Heath > FROG
Kyla, Sarah, Dal > PERCH
Latie, Ashley > SQUID
Jessie, Alex > CRAYFISH
Mur, Em, Haruk > STARFISH
Madz, Soph > CLAM 
  I will hound EVERYONE until I get these. Everyone agreed to participate therefor you've all got an obligation to come through for your classmates and do your share of the work. This could make exams alot easier for everyone. Don't let your classmates down!

Enjoy the studying...