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The Crayfish


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Crustacea

Order: Decapoda

Genus: Cambarus


Arthropoda characteristics


-          jointed appendages

-          cephalisation is pronounced

-          bilateral symmetry

-          exoskeleton of chitin

-          moulting allows growth


External Features of the Crayfish


Antennae: sensory organs towards the front of the crayfish. Antennae are                    connected to the brain by nerves.


Antennules: smaller antennae


Cheliped: the crayfishes first walking legs. They are used primarily for catching         prey.




Compound Eye


Rostrum: a hard  protective covering in a triangular shape which protects the area of the head above the eyes.


Carapace:  the exoskeleton which protects the crayfishs cephalothorax


Cephalothorax:  the crayfishs head and thorax


Walking legs


Abdomen: the segmented tail area. Attached to the abdomen are the swimmerets, telson, and uropod.


Swimmerets: 10 appendages which are used to swim


Uropod: an extension of the tail


Telson: appendages on the tail which surround the uropod





By Alex and Jessie